EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHY // Square Mile Coffee Roasters

taking part in a coffee tasting

Editorial Photography of Square Mile Coffee in East London

At the start of April I went along to Square Mile Coffee Roasters to create a series of images to accompany a feature in The Holborn magazine. I spent the afternoon chatting with the co-founder of Square Mile, Anette Moldvaer (who, for the record, is absolutely lovely!) as she showed me around their fantastic premises in East London. It was great learning about the whole process, and seeing the different machines used, but the best bit had to be getting to taste some of the different coffees! The brief from the magazine was to have a series of stylish, artistic images that gave the reader a look into the workings of the business.

coffee machine and map of the worldcoffee beans in sackssettings for coffee tastinghot water kettlespouring water for coffee tastingsquare mile coffee roastery tasingtaking part in a coffee tastingprobat coffee roaster machinecoffee beans being roastedhandful of coffee beansthree stages of coffee beansquare mile coffee roastersbehind the scene of a london coffee roastersAnette Moldvaer square mile