Seattle: Week Two

It’s 7:40am and I’m sat at my sister’s dining room table writing this blog and looking out on a morning filled with mist and autumn colours. Looking at the weather in this set of photos, they feel further away than just last week!  I’m figuring out that up here in the Pacific North West, it’s a lot like back home when it comes to the weather, only here it’s more consistent. In the last two weeks I’ve yet to witness a day that starts off warm and sunny, gets hail before lunch, heats up again in the afternoon and then ends with gales and thunderstorms. Days like that seem pretty common place in England.

Anyway, I didn’t come here to talk about the weather. I came to share some photos of the things I got up to last week. When I wasn’t attending to all the things that running your own business entails, I was off out trying to see as much of the local area as possible. Bainbridge Island is pretty big (10 miles long and 5 miles wide) and a lot of the roads don’t have footpaths, so my visions of taking in the whole island by foot have been dashed somewhat. I’ve enjoyed walking the streets around us though, and the waterfront trail, once you get away from the busy harbour (I use this term loosely, as I’ve yet to see anywhere on the island get really busy) the trail leads you through some beautiful woodlands and some homes that look like something out of a dream.

Last week was also my first trip into Seattle. I went over not really having any plans other than to have a bit of a wander and see what I could see. When I lived in London I would have days like this at first, just to explore the place. I’d usually set myself a target and wind my way around the streets to get there. The target was usually a book or camera shop and in Seattle it was no different. I set my sights on the Elliott Bay Book Company, and off I went. I think I’m going to do a separate blog about my day in Seattle, so will save most of the words and pictures for another time.

On Sunday, back on Bainbridge, after a rather lazy morning…and afternoon come to think of it, we decided to get out of the house and take the dog for a walk somewhere none of us had visited before. As it was just around the bay, we opted for Pritchard Park. It’d been recommended as a good spot to walk your dog and to get good views of Seattle over Puget Sound, too. We parked up next to the Japanese American Exclusion Memorial which you can read more about if you click the link. It was evening now, so the memorial was empty and in cool shade, and we quietly spent a little time walking around and reading the boards dotted around it. It’s a sad time in the country’s history, but it’s good to see that it’s not been forgotten.

From here we walked along the beach as the sun continued to set, realising that we were probably in a decent place to get a peak at the lunar eclipse that was due to happen that night. We upped the pace and reached the part of the park that gives you views of Seattle and Mount Rainier. I don’t know what we were expecting, but an overflowing car park and a little beach looking as busy as if it was the middle of a hot summers day. The photographers of Bainbridge Island were out in force! Now, I don’t shoot sports or wildlife or anything that would require me to have a huge zoom lens, so even if I’d have brought all of my gear over with me, I’d have still been under-equipped to get the sort of shots some of these guys were aiming for. Instead, we waited with the crowd, Ripley (my sister’s dog) made some friends, and I took photos of the photographers. As well as some of Mount Rainier looking all majestic in the distance.

To finish off the week, Gem and Ky gave Ripley a bath. Expecting the bathroom to be a mass of bubbles and a little dog climbing the walls, I had my camera ready thinking there were some great shots to be had. I was wrong. About the bubbles and crazy dog anyway. It looks like Ripley isn’t one of those dogs who reacts to bath times as if she’s just been dropped in a bath of boiling oil. There were still great shots to be had though.

intersection on bainbridge islandbainbridge island ferrytrees on bainbridgewooden shed by the waterleaves changing colourlittle free library on bainbridge islandyoung deer in a car parkrows of sunflowerssunlight through the treespeople at the front of the ferryseattle skyline with space needlethe original starbucksbig yellow truckold building on a street corner of seattlebusy interstate in seattledark and moody skiestwo leaves on a parking lotjapanese american exclusion memorialphotographers lining up for the lunar eclipsemount rainier from bainbridge islandhavenese terrier having a bath