BUSINESS PORTRAITS // Rosalyn Palmer Hypnotherapy

woman on a skype call in her home office

Personal Branding for Solo Entrepeneurs

Meet Rosalyn Palmer, a hypnotherapist based in Nottinghamshire, who has trained under the renowned Marisa Peer and recently left her previous career in public relations and marketing to go it on her own.

Rosalyn contacted me to arrange a photo shoot at her home in rural Nottinghamshire. The purpose of this shoot was to create some photographs of Rosalyn at work alongside some relaxed portraits to provide visual content for her new website.

woman working on a laptop from home

It’s good to have a clear, relaxed-looking portrait for your website and social media avatars, but when it comes to your website, it’s good to give your visitors some variety in what they’re looking at, as well as taking the opportunity to show them different aspects of the work that you do. In Rosalyn’s case, she wanted to show some of the remote services that she offers via Skype, as can be seen in the above image.

relaxed portrait of a businesswoman

This portrait was taken in Rosalyn’s office at her home. Her space is very important to her and this room was decorated to her tastes, with all of her favourite books and art works on display, so it was a space that she wanted to feature in her portrait. In the more corporate avenue of business, it’s usual to go for very plain headshots for staff members, but when it comes to smaller, more creative businesses, it’s as much about showing character and personality.

If you’re interested in having some portraits or headshots taken for your business, visit my contact page and get in touch, telling me a little more about what you do and what you’re looking for from your photo shoot.