EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY // Leica Day, Mayfair

close up taking a photo with a cigarette

Event Photography in Mayfair, London with Leica

On Saturday, the guys from Leica and Hope&Glory PR invited a group of Instagrammers along to the Leica store in Mayfair to learn a bit about the Leica T system and also to take the camera out into the streets of London to put it through it’s paces. A selection of the images we shot were then printed and formed part of a little pop-up exhibition that night.

Now, the reason this is part one isn’t because I shot a million photos and plan on boring you to death with them over a series of blog posts, it’s because this set is from before and after we had our play with the Leica’s. These were all shot on my trusty Fuji X100S (Sorry Leica!).

Typically, when we were out with the Leica, it was grey and raining (putting the weather-sealing to the test!), but as soon as we got back and were uploading the photos, the sun got it’s hat on and we all shot out the door with whatever cameras we had.

So while I’m waiting to receive the files that I shot with the Leica, I thought I’d share this set of behind-the-scenes type stuff. It was a LOT of fun hanging out with friends and making some new ones. Thanks to Leica and Hope&Glory, and a special thanks to Jess for putting it all together!

group of london photographerstrying out new leica camerasgetting to grips with leica camerasdan rubin with a new leicataking photos on the streets of londonbare foot in the sunlightclose up taking a photo with a cigarette