Lifestyle Photography for Business Coach

Relaxed Photography for a Business Coach and Mentor Alison runs Barbro Consultancy, a company she set up to help all kinds of businesses achieve success. When she set about having a new website built, she knew that she wanted a set of professional photographs taken so that it had a consistent look across the site….

Artisans & Makers // Full Grown: Furniture Growers

As it’s almost a year since I moved from the bright lights of London back to the rolling hills of Derbyshire, it seems only fitting that I get around to posting the photos from one of my first shoots after the move. I’d barely got my office all sorted when an e-mail from the Smith Journal dropped into my inbox.

Katie Cory, Web Designer // Headshot Photography

I’ve known Katie almost as long as I’ve been working as a full-time photographer. Over the last five years, as well as becoming friends, we’ve also helped each other with our businesses. Katie’s designed websites for me, as well as posters, flyers, logos and other bits and bobs.

Seattle: Week Six

Ok, so it’s been a month since I got home and I’m only just getting around to posting these few photos from the last week of my trip over in Seattle. At least some of that time was taken up recovering from jet lag though, and the rest has just been catching up with work and enjoying the lovely weather. Ahem.