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Seattle: Week Six

Ok, so it’s been a month since I got home and I’m only just getting around to posting these few photos from the last week of my trip over in Seattle. At least some of that time was taken up recovering from jet lag though, and the rest has just been catching up with work and enjoying the lovely weather. Ahem.

Seattle: Week Five

My penultimate week over here was mostly spent outside of Seattle and Bainbridge. I spent a few days down in Portland during the week and then on the weekend we all drove over to Leavenworth to stay with some friends and enjoy Oktoberfest in the middle of the Cascade mountain range. So it’s a bumper crop of photos this time!

Seattle: Week Four

Last week was a quiet one. It rained quite a bit and when I wasn’t sat on the balcony, reading and listening to the rain hammer down on the trees behind us, I was working on some updates to both this website and my wedding photography site. So there weren’t too many opportunities to get out there with my camera.

Seattle: Week Three

That’s it. I’m past the half-way point of my time here on Bainbridge Island. It’s funny whenever you go somewhere for an extended period of time. Time behaves differently to when you’re just on a regular holiday.

Seattle: Week Two

It’s 7:40am and I’m sat at my sister’s dining room table writing this blog and looking out on a morning filled with mist and autumn colours. Looking at the weather in this set of photos, they feel further away than just last week!