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Street Photography in Central London

It’s been a while since I hit the streets of London with just me and my camera, so it felt good to get out there yesterday, with a very loose idea of where I wanted to go and to just wander the streets, following my nose and photographing whatever took my fancy!

Columbia Road Street Photography // London

Since I enjoyed my afternoon shooting from the hip so much, I decided to give it another go last weekend while we spent the morning wandering around Columbia Road flower market. For those of you that have experienced this bustling little street on a Sunday, you’ll know there’s barely room to lift a camera to your face, so it felt like the perfect opportunity.

Shooting from the Hip // King’s Cross, London

The streets of London are an ever-changing backdrop to shoot against. That’s why, when I can, I’ll walk to wherever I’m going, and will always have at least my iPhone, most of the time, my trusty Fuji X100s and occasionally one of my D700s.

Leica Day // Mayfair, London

On Saturday, the guys from Leica and Hope&Glory PR invited a group of Instagrammers along to the Leica store in Mayfair to learn a bit about the Leica T system and also to take the camera out into the streets of London to put it through it’s paces. A selection of the images we shot were then printed and formed part of a little pop-up exhibition that night.