HEADSHOT PHOTOGRAPHY // Katie Cory, Web Designer

relaxed photo of a young woman working at a desk

Headshots for Small Business Owners

I’ve known Katie almost as long as I’ve been working as a full-time photographer. Over the years, as well as becoming friends, we’ve also helped each other with our businesses. Katie’s designed websites for me, as well as posters, flyers, logos and other bits and bobs. I’ve photographed Katie whenever she needed a new portrait for her website or social media profiles.

So, a few months ago, me and Katie met up at her office in the new Sadler Bridge Studios in Derby to create some headshot photographs for her website and social media. Katie was looking for some simple ‘head and shoulders’ business portraits as well as a couple of shots of her working at her desk.

informal business headshot

I’ve always thought it’s important for people to be able to see who they’re going to be working with. Even before I became a photographer, if I was looking online for anything (a plumber, a designer etc) I would always find myself leaning more towards those sites that featured a photo of the person. The same goes for social media; it always seems more personal when you’re chatting with someone who has a profile photo that’s clearly them. So professional headshots (or business portraits) are a big deal for your company. It helps people to connect and to trust you right off the bat.

You can see some of Katie’s work here (She’s in the process of designing and building her new website at the moment, so keep checking back)  >> http://www.katherinecory.com/

If you’re interested in having some headshots taken for your small business or company, drop me a message using my contact page form or send an e-mail to me at chris@cseddonphoto.co.uk and we can talk about what you need in more detail.