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Editorial Photography Shoot for Smith Journal

As it’s almost a year since I moved from the bright lights of London back to the rolling hills of Derbyshire, it seems only fitting that I get around to posting the photos from one of my first shoots after the move. I’d barely got my office all sorted when an e-mail from the Smith Journal dropped into my inbox asking if I was available to shoot a small feature for them on a Derbyshire business called Full Grown. I’d recently stumbled across the work of Gavin and Alice while catching up on what was new in the business world of Derbyshire, so I jumped at the chance.

I made arrangements with Alice via e-mail to meet them one July morning somewhere in Derbyshire, and from there we wound our way through the country lanes to the top secret Full Grown HQ. A field isn’t exactly something that you can lock up, so they like to keep their exact location a bit quiet.

In case you’ve not heard of Full Grown (or didn’t read the title of this post), Alice and Gavin grow furniture. Yep, you heard me. They grow it. Out of the ground. You can read plenty more about exactly what it is they do and their fascinating story so far over on their website –

I spent the morning listening to them talk about how they go about coaxing the trees to grow into furniture shapes, how they got to where they are today, and quite a lot of time playing with their gorgeous whippet, Lina. Below are a selection of the photos that I took on that July morning last year, and hopefully give you an idea as to how they grown furniture, and also just how lovely it must be to spend your working day outdoors. Though I might not be saying that after a couple of days out there during an English winter!

Alice, Gavin…thanks for spending the day showing me around the wonderful Full Grown site. I can’t wait to see the results once the chairs are ready to cut down!

furniture being grownfull grown furniture growersdog lying down on the grassworked pruning the bushestrees growing in the shape of furnitureview of a shed from a distanceviews across derbyshire countrysideworker in the fieldsdog lying on his bed looking at camerapieces of wood on a tableview of a busy workbenchprototype version of a grown chairclose up of the groundtrees growing in the shape of chairdogs playing togetherowners of full growncover of smith journalinside spread of the smith journal