I'm Chris. A Derbyshire-based professional photographer who works with businesses and sole-traders all over the county and the UK. Having worked in the IT and Finance industries for 9 years, back in 2010 I stepped away and started my photography business. I haven't looked back since. 


Books. Lots and lots of books. I have some kind of condition where I can't walk past a book shop. And I rarely leave them without having bought at least one. This photo is of my 'To Be Read' pile next to the bed. And while the titles have changed since this was taken, the pile's just as big!


I've driven the West Coast of America, travelled across Canada, spent 13 hours on a train through Thailand, explored both of New Zealand's stunning islands, but Derbyshire is still my favourite place in the world. There's nowehere quite like it, and I love calling it my home.