Seattle: Week Six

Ok, so it’s been a month since I got home and I’m only just getting around to posting these few photos from the last week of my trip over in Seattle. At least some of that time was taken up recovering from jet lag though, and the rest has just been catching up with work, tackling my inbox and enjoying the lovely weather. Ahem.

The weather of there was starting to feel a little more like home during my last week, so the adventures were kept to a minimum. It was also nice to just hang out with my sis indoors watching movies as the rain hammered down. There were a couple of sunny days though, and so when the chance came, I took Ripley and my camera and headed to the Gazzam Lake Preserve.

We decided…I say we, it was more Ripley than me…to head down to the shore first, and so followed the single track that lead us down towards the shore. I was expecting to find a lovely little beach where we could stop for a drink and I could maybe have a little read of my book. Sadly, after a 45-minute walk, it turned out that the tide was against us and the beach was little more than a shrinking patch of sand. Ah well.

On the weekend before I flew home, we went over to see some of Gem and Ky’s friends who live in a fantastic house overlooking the water. The last two photos here are from standing on their porch overlooking the garden! It’s kinda my dream home; by the water with a load of land! Maybe I’ll steal it.