Seattle: Week Four

Last week was a quiet one. It rained quite a bit and when I wasn’t sat on the balcony, reading and listening to the rain hammer down on the trees behind us, I was working on some updates to both this website and my wedding photography site. So there weren’t too many opportunities to get out there with my camera.

Gem and Ky’s pup, Ripley, is still a constant source of entertainment. If it’s not from her tearing round the apartment sounding like some sort of demented wolf, it’s from the way she collapses in her basket surrounded by toys that are almost as big as her.

I also managed to grab a quick shot of one of the hummingbirds that visit the balcony. After camping out there for ages with my camera when I first arrived, they typically only come now when I’m out there without it, so this shot grabbed through the living room blinds is the best I’ve managed so far. And if you’re wondering what the photo below the hummingbird is, I have no idea, but it looks like a giant spider’s nest and is in the trees right above one of the footpaths near here. I give it a WIDE berth!

The rest of these photos are just a few taken wandering around this lovely little area on Bainbridge Island. I love it when Autumn days are cold but still and bright, and the afternoon I picked to go for a wander was just like this, and perfectly quiet, too. I think I only passed a couple of people the whole time I was out. That’s what I love around here; it has the peace, quiet and close sense of community of a small village, but it has the size and benefits of a small town. Now if I can just work out a way to put the whole island in my suitcase.

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